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To Robert Copeland
C&C Taxation Services Limited
November 2017
Dear Robert,

Thank you so much for helping me with my tax situation.
I’m not very good with written letters or emails and I didn’t know what to do with the letters and notices I was getting from HMRC. Instead of dealing with them, I put them to one side for later…..and for 3 years I ignored the letters.

This meant that I was given penalties by HMRC and instead of dealing with it, I just ignored them thinking they would go away! They didn’t and the fines just mounted up and up!
I was in real trouble, the penalties had gone over £5,000 and this was making me very ill with stress which made it even harder for me to deal with it. I didn’t know what to do.

You offered a free consultation, and after I explained what trouble I was in, you kindly agreed to help me. Even though I was in a lot of trouble and knowing I‘m no good with letters or emails etc, you explained everything to me so that I could understand the situation, you then contacted HMRC on my behalf and you started to unravel the mess I was in.
Your experience and your persistence paid off, because thanks to you explaining the situation to the Tax man and working things through with them, you got them to agree to remove the penalties and I no longer have over £5,000 penalties to pay!

I am so relieved I can’t thank you enough Robert. It’s like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders! And I now know not to ignore things and with your help deal with them without delay.
If I meet anyone who is unsure what to do, or doesn’t understand the tax rules or deadlines, I will 100% recommend you Robert and C&C Taxation Services.



Dear Robert CH Accountancy

Just a quick note of thanks for helping me with a difficult tax situation.
Much appreciated.      Tom – Hornchurch



Dear Rob, I wanted to take time to thank you for all your services rendered so far.
You have gone beyond the call of duty and have made a very difficult change over
much easier. As our new Bookkeeper, Saleena and I trust your professionalism
completely and you have saved us so much money and saved us from a bookkeeper
who was bleeding us dry.

However, bookkeepong is but a part of the peace of mind you have given us, you
have also given us great business advice, your time, your patience and together
we have developed a friendship which can only go from strength to strength.
Hopefully one day when we have gained your trust, you will let us into your “cloning
factory” where all of your assistants are made!

THANK YOU ROB COPELAND!    from Bilal & Saleena



patrick-adamsI have known Robert for a good few years now, as we meet at the same business networking event. However it wasn’t until I had gotten into difficulty with filing my taxes that I realised that I needed his services!
Robert handled my situation with great care and confidentiality and dealt personally with the tax office. The outcome was better than I could ever have expected and his fee was fare and extremely reasonable considering the hard work he put into my case.
I would thoroughly recommend Robert and C & C taxation to anyone looking for a friendly helpful accountant, who works hard and diligently to the benefit of the client and not just to tick boxes and collect a fee… Thanks Robert

Patrick Adams – Consultant at EnergyCentric



testimonial-1Dear Philip and Robert,

We hope this card says it all. What an amazing result you achieved for Steve.

We really appreciate all your time you spent on this, in your very busy day to day schedule. So very good of you both.

Kind regards,

Wendy and Keith






Just to say ‘thank you’ for your help – as always.

Good wishes,







Dear Philip and Robert,

Just wanted to pass my thanks you to you both with what you have done for Steve.

It is really appreciated by us all, and so really good of you. Steve still has some bad days but he is getting there. We hope one day this will be all behind us.

Wishing you both a lovely Christmas.

Love Wendy.




I would like to say a big thank you for all your help with the matter of my tax, which was due to an oversight regarding my tax code from at least 2 years ago and has been an ongoing saga, ever since.

The tax office is impossible to deal with for us mere mortals. They do their level best to ignore our telephone calls, pass us from pillar to post, neglect to explain themselves or their systems clearly, obviously in the hope you will lose interest in our ‘fight’ and give up.

Then there are professionals like you, with a direct telephone line into their battlements who know exactly how to deal with them and who to ‘surrender’.

Thank you for keeping up the pressure on them secure in your experience that they had ‘miscalculated’. Thank you for all your time and effort in making the draconian institution see the error of their ways – even to the point of them not only rescinding their demands for payment, but got making them feel so guilty about everything, that they actually returned the funds to me, for stress caused. I am extremely grateful for all your time and effort in bringing the tax situation to a satisfactory conclusion. You are a genius and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your services to family and friends, should they require your expert services.

Roy Allen – Hawes Funeral Service



Robert and his team are extremely helpful and professional while being friendly. Add+up couldn’t recommend them more highly


– Lyndsay, Add+Up


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